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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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In November I wrote a burlesque poom, called The Judgement of Solomon.
In December died Erasmus Shorter, Esq., the last and youngest of my mother's brothers. He dying without a will, his fortune of 30,OOOZ. cnme in equal shares between my brother Sir Edward, me, and my cousins, Francis, Earl of Hertford, Col. Henry Seymour Conway, and Miss Anne Seymour Conway.
In 1754 I was chosen for Castlcrising, in Norfolk, in the new Parliament. In July of that year I wrote TJic Entail, a fablo, in verso.
About the flame time I erected a cenotaph for my mother in Westminster Abbey, having some years before prepared a statuo of her by Valory at Rome. The pedestal was carved by KyHbrach.
In March, 17(15, I was very ill used by my nephew Lord Orford, upon n contested election in the House of Commons, on which I wrote him a long1 letter, with an account of my own conduct in politics.
In Feb. 1757, I vacated my seat for Castlerising in order to bo chosen for Lynn ; and about the same time used my beat endeavours, but in vain, to,save the unfortunate Admiral Byng.
May 12th of that year, I wrote in lees than an hour and a half tho Letter from. Xo JIo ; it was published on the 17th, and immediately passed through five editions.
Juno 10th, was published a Catalogue of the collection of Pictures of Charles tho First, to which I had written a little introduction. I afterwards wrote short prefaces or advertisements in tho same manner to tho Catalogues of the collections of James tho Second and tho Duke of Buckingham.
Juno 25th, I erected a printing-press at my house at Strawberry Hill.